Schools today are moving ever quicker to put a tablet of some type into the hands of our kids.  In general this is a good thing for education and learning.  But as we deploy laptops and tablets let's consider the support issues and concerns.

So why Windows 10

  • Basically all applications in use on your Windows 7 computers will work on Windows 10
  • Provides both the old style Windows 7 desktop and new Start Screen for touch enabled applications
  • Windows 10 can join your domain and are managed in a similar fashion as your other Windows computers
  • No additional support software and associated cost such as MDMs etc are required
  • Now newer low cost laptops and tablets will are available to compete against Chromebooks

Automate Everything

Practical Solutions IT uses MDT to automate all aspects of the imaging process.   We believe that imaging should be an after-thought and not a time consuming, complex or expensive endeavor.  Below are some of the items that are automated today using MDT:

  • Computer naming
  • OU Location
  • Application installation
  • Wireless configuration
  • Model specific drivers
  • and more...

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Practical Solutions IT

Windows 10

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​Windows 10 Start Menu Add-On

Windows 10 does not provide the standard Windows 7 style Start Menu on the desktop screen.  If your users want that familiar Start Menu then a viable tool is available.   One such tool is the Classic Shell and works well to provide the standard Start Menu on your Windows 10 desktop screen.

Updated Microsoft Deployment Toolkit

Microsoft has updated the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit and SCCM to support Windows 10.  To deploy Windows 10, you need to update MDT and ADK to the latest version.  Once updated, you will be able to deploy Windows 10 as easily as we deploy Windows 7 and Windows 8.1.  MDT allows automation of almost all task associated with deploying the operating systems and their associated applications.  Practical Solutions IT will be glad to assist with the setup and support of your Windows environments.

Windows 10 Specific Setup and Design

When deploying Windows10 there should be great consideration in how to deploy and deliver applications and services to you students.  PSIT provides many additional services and tools to assist in that endeavor.

Application Control (GPO App Locker)

Active Directory Group Policies supports a feature known as the App Locker that will allow you create an "Allow" and "Deny" list of applications that can be installed and used on your student's computers.   The one caviet is that it requires the enterprise edition of Windows 10.  If your school's volume license allows for use of the Enterprise edition of Windows 10 it would be highly recommended to use that version and take advantage of the App Locker features.

Imaging Laptops/Tablets

When imaging your Windows 10 tablets there are a few considerations.

  • What type of BIOS - UEFI is supported. 
  • Is there a network port on the tablets
  • What imaging tool will work

Windows Server 2016 with the Windows Deployment Services (WDS) and Microsoft Deployment Toolkit  supports the new UEFI based tablets and laptops.  That along with PXE bootable USB network adapters and you can successfully image your new Windows 10 laptops and tablets.