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Windows 10 is now available for update from your Windows 7 and Windows 8.x operating systems.   It may take a while to download, but it is worth the wait.   Windows 10 will provide many many improvements and feature over Windows 7. Microsoft sees Windows 10 as the universal operating system with universal apps supporting PCs, laptops, tablets, phones and any other devices running windows.   This should be an exciting time for Windows 10 adopters.

Updated Microsoft Deployment Toolkit

(MDT 2013 Update 2)

Microsoft has updated the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit and SCCM to support Windows 10.  To deploy Windows 10, you need to update MDT to "MDT 2013 Update 1" and install "ADK for Windows 10".  Once updated, you will be able to deploy Windows 10 as easily as we deploy Windows 7 and Windows 8.1.  MDT allows automation of almost all task associated with deploying the operating systems and their associated applications.  Practical Solutions IT will be glad to assist with the setup and support of your Windows environments.

Universal Apps

Universal apps will be a huge push for Windows 10.  Now my PCs, laptops, tablets and phone can use and share the same apps.   Software developers can then write programs that are usable on all devices benefiting both the company providing the software as well as the users of those programs.


Now truly your phone can also be your PC / laptop.  With Continuum and a small docking device, you can use your phone as a mobile PC with full keyboard, mouse and monitor support.  This feature will change how we do computing in the near future.

Return of the Start Menu

So who thought it was a good idea to pull out the Start Menu after we all have been using it for over 20 years?Apparently no one, so now Microsoft has put back the start menu into Windows 10, "sort of".   Now we can run all from the Start Menu without having to swipe to the start screen.  I believe we will quickly adapt to the new start menu that runs both new and old style applications, but if you want a Windows 7 style menu we can still install the Classic Start Menu.

Windows 10 

New Web Browser (Edge)

As we all know, Internet Explorer has had a bad reputation for years and so now Microsoft is replacing IE with a new faster and more feature rich browser called Edge. There are many great features including a reading mode that takes out adds and other side bar items as well as Cortana integration.   I think we can all say it is about time for a change!

Cortana and Hello

Microsoft is working hard to provide voice and presence authentication with Cortana and Hello.   More than just a finger swipe you would truly authenticate with you...

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