Mix of Shared Session and true VDI

Microsoft HyperV as VDI/Shared Session Host

For years, many school districts have been looking for an alternative to standard labs.  Virtual desktops or VDI was thought to be the answer, but in the  past the cost was too prohibitive and too complex to setup and maintain.  Still, it would be preferred that the students use their one-to-one device in all class and lab situations.  We believe now that a cost effect and easier to support VDI solution can be provided that will both significantly reduced hardware and software cost to the district as well as reduce the support effort for the technology staff.  We also believe that the performance will meet the demands with the use of technology such as solid-state drives, faster CPUs and faster GPUs for graphics.  Our goal is to replace a minimum of 3 standard labs with a single virtual server host.  Please read our PDF below.

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Many school districts have moved to a one-to-one environment where students are provided their own Chromebook or Windows laptop / device.  These devices can run most of the local educational software and web based applications that are used daily, but not all.  The applications that are unable to run on the student laptops are typically Windows applications that require a faster processor and / or more memory than what the student device supports or in the case of Chromebooks, any windows application would not be supported. For those applications that cannot run directly on the one-to-one devices, districts purchase and maintain multiple windows based labs.  We believe it is time to virtualize those labs.  

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