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Windows Update Services

Update Pricing Cost

Update Service Pricing is based on the number of servers:

Up to 30 servers – One day of labor cost
Above 30 servers – let’s talk

Once a Month Updating

​​Practical Solutions It will schedule a monthly update plan and implementation that will include a report for the district once completed.   The following task will be performed during the scheduled update process.

  • Document current server farm
  • Check servers for appropriate disk space
  • Verify no windows error or events
  • Perform updates on virtual servers in district cluster
  • Perform updates on Hyper-V host after draining roles.
  • Confirm that all servers have completed updates
  • Confirm that all productions servers are accessible
  • Provide an email report to the district

Windows server are constantly under attach by outside and inside threats.  In many cases, these threats can be mitigated by keeping servers updated.  One of the necessary functions to try to protect servers is to maintain a rigid schedule for running and maintaining updates.  With this in mind, Practical Solutions IT is providing school districts with a service to maintain and manage updates on a monthly basis or immediately if an emergency.

Window servers are constantly in need of running updates to maintain security and other required patches.  Practical Solutions IT provides update services to assist school districts with maintaining windows updates on all of their windows servers, including Hyper-V hosts servers and virtual servers.   We will run updates during off-hours either in the evening or weekends.   This will allow the schools to continue to function properly while keeping their servers up-to-date with the necessary security and other windows patches.

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