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Domain Join Tool

Used to automate the joining of computers to the school domain.  Provides a menu driven tool to place computers in the correct OU location for the school while joining the domain.

Password Reset Tool

Typically used to allow the teachers and other staff to reset passwords for students.

Password Nudge Tool

Used to prompt the students to change their passwords with setting their Active Directory accounts to force change on next logon.  Reduces possible support issues when forcing students to change their passwords all at the same time.

MDT Copy Tool

Copy MDT deploymentshare images and other files from a main MDT server to other MDT servers on the network.

Printer Config Tool

Used to push printers to your windows clients.   Easier and quicker to setup than group policies and in large districts fixes the issue of slow logins due to too many network printers defined in your policies

K12 Tools

Workstation Description Tool

Will read computer information as your computers startup and write that information into the computer description field in Active Directory.

Computer Rename Tool

Rename computers using school and location specific information.   Provided using a menu to the staff performing the rename operation.

Home Folder Permission Manager

Reset or set permission on students and staff home folders as well as fix Windows 7 My Documents issues.

Remote Control Tool

Integrate UltraVNC and RDP menus into the context menu of your computer objects in Active Directory.  You can then right-click on a computer object and remote control them from your AD console.

Student Home Folder Tool

Verify and update home folders based on Active Directory information.  If home folder does not exist, creates and apply permissions.  If student moves between schools, home folder data will be moved.

Wireless Configuration Tool

Push out wireless network keys for both Windows 7 and Windows XP.  

Windows Profile Cleaner

Used to clean / delete user profile directories from workstations. Especially useful with lab and media center computers.

Java Installer / Updater

Used to provide an automated way to update Java.  Removes the older versions and then installs the latest version.  Can be placed in a menu for students and teacher to run as needed.

Below is a list of scripted tools that have been developed over the past 12 years that are used in many school districts.  The tools address many common issues and problems.   If you would like any of the tools discussed or need assistance automating a task please send an email to