Downloads are provide free of charge and no guarantees are provided as to their functionality and usage in any specific network.   Use at your own discretion and be sure to test thoroughly.   Technical issues will be addressed as soon as possible and fixes posted to the site. Scripts and tools have been tested, but not in all environments.   Any change request or request for setup assistance may require support services at the standard daily rate.

Can provide many more scripted events than those listed below.   If you wish to automate a process please let me know.  I may already have a script to do it from other district request.

Email me at if you have any questions or wish to have a process automated / scripted.

Note:  I don't like having to do make this statement, but you know we all have to do so.  Any downloads and scripts are to be used at your own discretion, risk and responsibility.   PSIT is not responsible for any issues in using or executing these scripts or tools. Some of the tools require a setup key so please email the required information.

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Profile Cleaner is used to clean or delete user profiles from computers.   It is designed to remove user profile folders based on days not used and also gives an option to only remove student folders and leave staff folders.   By downloading this file you are acknowledging you take all responsibility for any data removed from workstations.

WSDescription2015 is a vbscript that should be setup in a computer startup script to write computer information to the computer description field.    You can modify as needed.

WhoAmI2015 provides both a vbs and exe version of the file.  It can be used to allow the students and staff to run to provide information back to the support staff regarding information about their computers.  Suggested to create a shortcut to provide access to the tool for your users.
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The PSIT Home Folder Manager allows support staff to reset or set home folder permissions on student and staff home folders.   Read the PDF for the usage.
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Active Directory allows the context menu of computer objects to be edited.  This file contains vbscripts that can be associated with ADSIEdit to allow for an extended menu when you right click computers.   These include RDP, Remote Control with VNC, Remote Control with SCCM Remote Control, access to C$of remote computers and others.  If you need assistance with the setup, I would be glad to help.
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Print Config Tool is provided as an alternative to using Group Policy Preferences for associating workstations and users to "shared" printers.  It will allow you to target printers using 5 different options with OU location coming soon.  Please read over the PDF setup document and if you have any questions, please ask.   Also, am willing to provide a 30 minute training session at no cost.   If you wish any customization, would be glad to discuss that as well.  Send the information required for the setup key to the email address above.
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