Common sense practical solutions for  today's 
K-12 IT environments

Account Management

Managing user accounts for both staff and students can be a very time consuming burden to the IT staff, but it can also be a hindrance to those involved with instruction if students can not access their network related applications and resources.   PSI provides cost effective solutions to address those needs.   There is no license cost.  Typical setup cost for Student Account Manager or SAM is 2 days for setup and 2 days per year for support.

Student Account Manager 

All schools are required to import data into many applications. Many of those applications support automated import processes. 

Student Account Manager can be used to automate that process by building the import and placing them in the location where the import process can use them.   

Below are the current applications using SAM to build their import files:

  • Destiny - Student and Teacher
  • Compass - Student
  • Haiku - Student
  • ePals - Student and Teacher
  • Meals Plus - Student
  • eChalk - Student 
  • Gaggle - Student 
  • LightSpeed - Student 
  • Renaissance - Student 
  • SNAP - Students
  • Classworks - Students
  • Discovery - Students 
  • TrueNorth - staff

Student Account Manager
Other Features

  • Student Reports for staff to quickly lookup student logon information
  • Password reset tools to allow media specialist and others to reset student passwords
  • Customization based on Office365 or Google email needs
  • Other customization options

Practical Solutions IT

Student Account Manager (SAM)
(No License Cost)

K12 tool designed to be used to create student accounts in their school's Active Directory base network. Features listed below:

  • Create / Modify / Disable student accounts
  • Manage Active Directory OU location
  • Modify group memberships
  • Modify email field for Office365 or Google Apps
  • Create / Move / Archive home folders
  • Modify other Active Directory fields
  • Generate reports available to staff for student logons and passwords
  • Automatically pull students information from SIS or file provided by IT staff
  • No software licenses required - service only fees